Zelter Free Download (v0.6.4.10535)

5 days ago
Zelter Free Download By Unlocked-games

Zelter Download:

An expanding zombie plague has caused entire communities to be cut off, locked in with a horde of monsters who were once fellow humans. You are one of the brave souls who enlisted to be dropped into one such isolated city, fight off the zombies, and rescue as many survivors as you can find. Scavenge, craft, fight, and survive! Instead you must scavenge in the city and find resources to craft your own shelter. Work your way from stone spears to firearms. Hunt and forage to stave off thirst and hunger. Go from sitting huddled against the one campfire you built to standing behind barricades and automated turrets. How To Survive 2

Prove yourself the ultimate zombie apocalypse hero in Challenge Mode and survive six days of escalating threats! It will be no easy task – you’ll need to think on your feet, be smart about your resources and keeping your shelter secure. This is an intense mode of play in which you rescue civilians and risk your life covering their escape. Survive until the evacuation chopper arrives and remember your success is measured in the lives you save. But what’s that deafening roar? Looks like your last day will feature a threat like no other! Prepare to “awww” at Zelter’s adorable pixel graphics even as you put up defensive structures or follow a desperate survivor’s call for help. Zelter pairs its survival and crafting based gameplay with the cutest visuals.


  • OS: WINDOWS 10
  • Processor:  Intel Core i7 Skylake
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 860
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 4 GB available space



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