Samurai Warriors 4-II Free Download (Incl. DLC’s)

1 week ago
Samurai Warriors 4-II Free Download By Unlocked-games

Samurai Warriors 4-II Download:

Samurai Warriors 4-II Free Download The last title released for the tenth anniversary of the “SAMURAI WARRIORS” series, “SAMURAI WARRIORS 4-II”, is here at last! Naomasa Ii appears as a playable character for the first time, and the various personalities of the age are explored in more depth in “Story Mode”, which is now focused on individual characters. Series favorite “Survival Mode” returns as well, powered up from its previous iterations. The most well-received elements of “SAMURAI WARRIORS 4” are carried over. While the action balance, cut-scenes and character development systems have all been significantly upgraded. Explore the world of “SAMURAI WARRIORS 4” anew, in this whole new take on the title! Stronghold Warlords

Samurai Warriors 4-II Free Download So let’s just start by jotting down what Samurai Warriors 4-II actually includes. Its main draw is story mode, which, instead of following the narratives of particular clans, follows the tales of individual characters. Unsurprisingly, this augments the events of Japan’s warring period with a more personal feel, as you get to know the involved samurai and watch their legends unfold. As with Samurai Warriors 4, the plot is paved with cutscenes that play out in between each battle. And it’s all done rather well. Plenty of dialogue fleshes out the personalities to a reasonable degree, and each scenario is padded out just enough so that you know what it is you’re fighting for. There are 12 different stories to see in total, and although there’s some overlap with a few characters, they all tend to follow particular narrative themes which make them distinct.


  • OS: WINDOWS 8.1
  • Processor:  Core i7 860 better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1280 720 pixel over, True Color
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 11 GB available space



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